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About Market Ready - India

Australia and India signed an Australia-India Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement on 2 April, which is expected to generate opportunities for Australian exporters. In response to recent interest we’ve received from wine businesses, Wine Australia is partnering with the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) to host a three-part series of one-hour online seminars for Australian wine producers and exporters.

With a spotlight on Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore, the weekly seminars are designed to provide Australian wine exporters with a comprehensive understanding of opportunities and challenges to help determine whether India is a viable export market for their business.

Austrade representatives, in market trade experts and members of Wine Australia’s Market Insights and Regulatory team will cover key topics, with the three-part series structured as follows:

Session 1: Opportunities and market insights
Wednesday 27 July at 11:00am (ACST)

• market structure in three states, channel, distribution, pricing, key players operating in various channels and the business environment in India - International Spirits and Wines Association of India
• market comparison with APAC region, insights & trends, current export breakdown – Wine Australia; and
• wine consumption trends and preferences in Mumbai, Delhi & Bangalore, discussion around big market players & how that affects what is available for consumers – Euromonitor

Session 2: ECTA  deep dive and market entry considerations
Wednesday 3 August at 11:00am (ACST)

• the Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement and implications for exporters – Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
• the regulatory environment, labelling requirements and import duties – Wine Australia
• logistics and storage considerations; and
• importer/ trade insights

Session 3: Looking ahead – India and beyond
Wednesday 10 August at 11:00am (ACST)

• opportunities, cultural context and qualitative insights – Magandeep Singh
• market opportunities - Australian Trade and Investment Commission
• grants, export resources and other available support – Wine Australia


If you are unable to attend one or more sessions, a link to access all recordings will be sent to your email address. For more information, email

Webinars in the series
  • Market Ready India: Opportunities and market insights
  • Market Ready India: AI ECTA deep dive and market entry considerations
  • Market Ready India: Looking ahead – India or beyond?